Medication Adherence
Medication Adherence- An overview

Medication adherence is defined by the World Health Organization as the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider. It includes whether patients…

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7030 implementation strategy
Nalashaa’s 7030 Implementation Strategy

With enough knowledge on HIPAA 7030, let’s now look into ways to put this theoretical knowledge into practice; more specifically, let’s look into how Nalashaa implemented theory into practice. Nalashaa…

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7030- Need for Change and Implications

The proposal for the next version of HIPAA EDI standards in the 5010 series is the hot topic in the healthcare industry. Healthcare industry being most data-intensive, the people associated…

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Nalashaa’s MU3 Certification Process!

So far we have discussed the challenges and solutions of MU3 implementation and the process of the certification. To discuss further and to impart knowledge, Nalashaa HealthCare is organizing a…

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MU3 Certification Management Handbook

In the previous section, we have discussed the challenges while implementing MU3 and the how to solve them like an expert. Now that we have an understanding of the challenges…

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PCMH – To be certified or not?

Primary care practices have been given the added responsibility of coordinating advanced patient care with physicians, to ensure quality care is delivered, where and when required. More than 10% primary…

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