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PCMH – To be certified or not?

Primary care practices have been given the added responsibility of coordinating advanced patient care with physicians, to ensure quality care is delivered, where and when required. More than 10% primary…

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Wearable technology and EHR

The mobile health monitoring space is a staggering USD 9 billion as of today, and is only getting bigger. Wearable technology will make the process of health data collection simpler,…

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How to best integrate Blue Button with EHR?

The Blue Button initiative was aimed at allowing patients to download their EHR information from their MyHealth accounts and opening up the healthcare content from inaccessible sources. The aim was…

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EHR Meaningful Use Stage 2

Found this simple but well represented flowchart on EHR Meaningful Use Stage 2 from here. It gives a simple but clear and neat description to compare if your EHR is…

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