Leveraging a Doctor’s Mobile Moment in Healthcare

The Invaluable Potential of a ‘Mobile Moment’

The rapid and prolific growth of mobile apps can be attributed to one special term that usually doesn’t get the credit that it deserves, ‘Mobile Moment’. In simple terms, a Mobile Moment can be defined as ‘any instance in which a user pulls out a mobile device with a specific intent’.

These intent rich moments shape decisions, thereby defining preferences and the behavior of users. A staggering 91% of users refer to their smartphone when they are in the middle of a task! Such is the level of dependency that mobile devices enjoy from their users. This sets a precedent for a new level of engagement with mobile users.

Leveraging the Mobile Moment in Healthcare

 “All doctors have cell phones in their pockets. All of a doctor’s time is extremely important. All doctors are important, therefore a doctor’s mobile moment is invaluable.”

A physician is trained to choose the best clinical decision for a patient at all times. Considering this, it is safe to say that, to expect them to go to their workstation to document an encounter with a patient is burdensome, especially when they encounter numerous patients in a day.

The ability of a doctor to apply their clinical knowledge at the right time directly improves the value of care outcomes. A Smartphone can be a tool that can enhance this ability when it is equipped with software suites that can channelize a doctor’s time and effort while they are on the go. The enhanced ability of a doctor to respond to clinical requirements can be invaluable when making clinical decisions.

From the management of emergencies to appointments, mobile healthcare apps are an efficacious means for doctors to communicate, decide and analyze patient information to arrive at the best care decisions.

The Top Mobile Healthcare IT Trends

As mobile devices garner more computing power, the possibilities of enabling doctors to be constructive in workplace moments improve significantly. The following are the top areas where mobile healthcare solutions that are currently making waves in the industry.

Remote Patient Monitoring: RPM apps are designed to track patient vitals and help with emergency interventions by feeding the data directly to the phones of caregivers.

Mobile EHR Systems: Redefine the way doctors perceive point-of-care information. Mobile EHRs give access to patient’s medical history to doctors on the go, enabling them to refer to the best and latest health information of the patient.

Telemedicine: Doctors can track and schedule their appointments with ease using telemedicine apps. These apps serve as an efficient channel for patients to communicate with the doctor as well.

Emergency Room and Paramedics: These apps are specifically designed for paramedics and help them be better prepared for emergencies. They are equipped with push notifications that bring medical news, the FDA’s black box warnings and other critical updates to their mobile devices.

Mobile Outpatient Care Solutions: Built to reduce the gap in engagement between patients and providers, these apps help doctors track recovery of patients, provide a platform for patients to reach out to the doctor online with queries. It doubles up as a collaborative environment for patients where they can reach out to other patients enduring the same medical condition.

Radiology Solutions: Radiologists can leverage these customized solutions designed for them to refer to radiology images and exchange real-time information with doctors leading to better care coordination.

Medical Reference: These apps are designed and developed to bring over thousands of clinical procedures, hundreds of videos, and medical images to the smartphones of doctors. The ability of doctors to refer to medical data enhances the consulting ability of the doctor.

Specialty Care: Advanced care procedures like Ontological consulting require doctors to be updated with the latest scientific and pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Specialty care apps, designed for doctors who specialize in specific medical conditions can help influence their clinical decisions which also streamline the effectiveness of post-acute care delivery.


Developing an ideal solution for doctors should be the key for ISVs to deliver mobile solutions that can utilize a doctor’s mobile moments efficiently.  The ability to draw out the maximum efficacy from a doctor’s mobile moments depends on the ease of use of the app and the value it adds to their care processes.

Nalashaa’s expertise with developing mHealth solutions enables us to understand the requirements of our clients, both providers, and ISVs in finer details.

Reach out to us to know more about our mobile enablement services. Drop us a line at info@nalashaa.com.

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