Post-Covid Healthcare Revenue Recovery: Is  Automation the magic potion?  

The Aftermath of the Pandemic

The past year has been a tumultuous one for healthcare organizations of all sizes, as the global pandemic forced lockdowns, reduced consumer spending and put many companies in jeopardy. But while the short-term may be uncertain, there is hope on the horizon. Healthcare automation solutions promise to help healthcare organizations bounce back from their financial losses and even recover more than they had before the pandemic.

Automation can help healthcare providers restore revenue in several ways.

First, it can reduce operational costs by taking over tasks that typically require manual labor or expensive software solutions. This allows them to focus more resources on their core operations, which can lead to increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Second, automation also offers scalability, allowing healthcare providers to expand their operations without the worry of additional labor costs or capacity limits.

Healthcare automation solutions can also help healthcare companies increase revenues by streamlining sales and marketing processes. Automated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help businesses track customer data, identify trends, and improve customer engagement and loyalty programs. Automated marketing tools can help businesses reach potential customers quickly, providing personalized messages and targeted offers. Automated sales process tools can help speed up the sales cycle, allowing businesses to close more deals in less time.

Finally, automation can help healthcare providers improve their bottom line by managing data more efficiently. Automated solutions can analyze customer data, identify patterns, and generate insights that can help them better understand their customer base and make more informed decisions. Automation can also help companies keep track of inventory, manage supplier relationships, and streamline other back-office operations.

Revenue and Talent Crunch after the Pandemic

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a drastic toll on healthcare organizations, with many facing revenue losses and talent crunch.
  • While the world is slowly transitioning to a new normal, healthcare organizations are struggling hard to stay afloat in these turbulent times.
  • Many have had to take the difficult step of cutting costs or downsizing their workforce in order to manage the effects of the pandemic.
  • This has caused a huge strain on healthcare organizations, as they battle to generate revenue and retain valuable talent.
  • To survive this difficult period, healthcare organizations need to come up with innovative strategies to reduce costs while keeping their employees motivated and engaged.
  • Agile and resilient workforce started to slim down. Which is why healthcare organizations must focus on it.

How can automation help Recover Revenue and Talent Crunch?

  • Back-office Data Issues: Automation of back-office processes — such as scheduling, billing and payroll — can help healthcare organizations save time, money and resources.
  • Time-Consuming Administrative Work: Automating administrative tasks frees up personnel to focus their efforts on patient care activities and core business goals.
  • Inaccuracy While Data Entry: Automation also ensures accuracy in data entry, financial transactions, and processing of insurance claims, helping to reduce errors and streamline processes.
  • Missed Payment Or Incorrect Coding: Automation can also help healthcare organizations quickly identify and recover lost revenue due to missed payments or incorrect coding.
  • Human Errors: Human errors are a dime a dozen. To avoid those, healthcare organizations can automate manual tasks to increase the efficiency of their employees and optimize their workflows, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.
  • Training New Hires: Automation can also help healthcare organizations reduce costs associated with hiring and training new personnel and improve the overall productivity of their teams.
  • Poor Patient Outcomes: By leveraging automated solutions, healthcare providers can gain invaluable insight into patient data and trends which can be used to increase efficiency and drive better patient outcomes.
  • Free-Up Talent: Automation also helps healthcare organizations to free-up valuable talent and resources that can be used for other projects or initiatives. This enables healthcare organizations to focus on innovation and growth opportunities, while still maintaining a high level of quality care.
  • Rigidity to Change Management: Automation provides the needed flexibility and scalability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring that healthcare organizations remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.
  • Compliance Issues: Healthcare automation solutions can also help improve compliance with regulatory standards and ensure data privacy and security for both patients and providers.
  • Cost Hikes: By automating routine tasks, healthcare organizations can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of patient care — ultimately helping to save time and money.
  • Resource Constraints: Ultimately, automation can help healthcare organizations to maximize revenue, reduce resource constraints, improve operational performance and enhance patient satisfaction.

Why Nalashaa?

Nalashaa has been an automation evangelist since 2012. With 10+ years of experience and a consistent learning process, while working on various healthcare automation deployment projects, Nalashaa has a gold mine of expertise, experience and exposure.

Nalashaa makes sure you reap the following benefits.

  • Reduced costs by automating administrative tasks
  • Care Quality: Intelligence-powered recommendations
  • Patients experience: Efficient operations and care delivery
  • Improved Planning: Data-driven accurate insights
  • Employee Satisfaction: Staff feel invested work
  • Productivity: More work in less time

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