Future of Healthcare

Pharmacy benefit managers
Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Prescription Drugs

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are professionals that administer prescription drug plans for payers, employers, and CMS programs with the goal of lowering prescription drug costs, improving convenience, and ensuring patient…

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Opioid Crisis and Technology
A sketch on Opioid Crisis and Ways to Tackle

Headlines on opioid epidemic are engrossing the United States. There are tremendous impacts of opioid overdosage across the care continuum with no single solution. Impacts of Opioid Crisis The opioid…

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BlueButton Download Data
BlueButton 2.0 Use Cases in Healthcare Ecosystem

Blue Button 2.0 is creating a data-centric ecosystem for Medicare beneficiaries. By facilitating access to patient health history, it has the potential to drive down Medicare spending and improve health outcomes.

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Home Health
Impacts of HHGM on Home Health Software

With the finalization of the Home Health Grouping Model, the CMS intends to shift from paying for volume to paying for value by eliminating therapy visits as a factor in payment determinations. The HHGM is expected to meet or exceed industry quality standards in healthcare by incentivizing home health providers. It also has the capability to remarkably influence the operations of home health agencies and healthcare industry as a whole.

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Blockchain usecases
Blockchain use cases in Healthcare Industry

Blockchain holds the potential to transform healthcare industry by assimilating the disparate processes in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare ecosystem. This provides a milestone resulting in reduced costs, improved regulatory…

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Blockchain and Data Transmission

For a data-intensive industry like healthcare sector, blockchain is a reforming technology, which could revolutionize the way data is managed. The traditional way of a centralized database system is vulnerable…

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Medication Adherence
Medication Adherence- An overview

Medication adherence is defined by the World Health Organization as the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider. It includes whether patients…

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