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ICD-10: How to leverage the data?

ICD-10 has always been linked to billing, and this is one of the biggest areas, no doubt. But, the data collected via ICD-10 coding practices will find uses in a…

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ICD-10 switch for non-covered entities

The switch to ICD-10 coding standards is mandatory for all HIPAA-covered entities that use electronic medium for claim transactions. Ideally, this standard does not apply to those which will operate…

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ICD-10 testing strategy for 2014

With the delay in ICD-10 in late March 2014, there has been a general aura of unsettlement in the healthcare IT space, with providers being unsure on what is expected…

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CAC Implementation for ICD-10

Computer Assisted Coding or CAC has gained importance with the ICD-10 implementation road map underway at most healthcare providers. The CAC software will help preserve accounts receivable and accounts payable…

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Moving forward after the ICD-10 delay

As the Senate passed the bill putting into motion the ICD-10 delay, there are many questions which have been popping up. There are many providers who have been ready or…

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ICD-10: A cloud approach

Does this mean things should be slowing down? This is a golden opportunity for healthcare ISVs who are preparing to embrace cloud and provide easily scalable solutions to move ahead…

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What do we mean that ICD-10 is more specific?

While there are dozens of minor distinctions between ICD-9 and ICD-10 the three fundamental changes are: There is expanded detail for many conditions (e.g., viral hepatitis has been expanded from…

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