BlueButton 2.0 Use Cases in Healthcare Ecosystem

Blue Button 2.0 is creating a data-centric ecosystem for Medicare beneficiaries. By facilitating access to patient health history, it has the potential to drive down Medicare spending and improve health outcomes.

For Patients:

    • Reduces cost and improves quality of care.
      • As patients have access to their health record, they can share it with the provider of their choice, avoiding unnecessary tests influencing the quality of care.
    • Solves issues related to multiple patient portals
      • When patients are transferred across healthcare settings in the care delivery lifecycle, they are provided access to masses of health information through different patient portals. It is impossible for patients to remember credentials to each of these portals. Ability to access one consolidated source will help them look at the complete picture while making sharing easier.
    • Better understanding of utilization:
      • Access to historical information will help patients to get an overview and understand the pattern of utilization of services. This can further be leveraged to tie meaningful educational resources with conditions and requirements.

For Providers:

    • Medication Errors:
      • With access to the history of prescription data, the following can be tracked:
        • Prescribing and dispensing errors i.e. wrong, contraindicated, or unlicensed drug, a wrong dosage or wrong administration.
        • Repeated prescription without proper check-ups
    • Improves clinical decision making
      • A primary care physician can access information from other care settings (e.g. behavioral health) for better and informed clinical decisions.
      • Physicians will have access to the medication history of opioids consumption, if any, to better regulate the consumption rate.
    • Enables preventive care
      • As providers gain access to patients’ historical information, they can analyze the patterns & trends and plan preventive care actions based on an individual’s behavioral traits.

For Research Organizations

Patients can provide their consent through Blue Button 2.0 infrastructure eliminating the need for Data Usage Agreement.

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Sanjay Patil

Sanjay Patil

Sanjay Patil is Healthcare IT consultant has top-tier consulting experience in successfully delivering large scale custom development projects, application integration, content management ,portal solutions and implementation of health care business solutions.

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