The Nalashaa People

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a Very Happy Independence Day!

The Nalashaa People

On this Independence day, we would like to bring to you some small bits about Nalashaa which we try to preserve and cherish as we grow. We would like to talk to you about our culture at Nalashaa and how we try to have each of our employee happy and motivated.

Corporate culture is really never much about the corporate, but more about the people. And, that is why we call it People Culture.

A happy, motivated employee is what every employer wants. In today’s world of connected workspaces, it is increasingly important to ensure that the employee is thrilled to be part of that workspace. Along with the nature of work, people also play a very vital part in achieving it.

When Nalashaa started in early 2012, we had a vision to be the transformation arm of our clients to compete in the ‘new generation’ playing field. The exponential growth in the client base, employees and turnover that the company has seen so far is proof of the common vision shared by all 150 Nalashaaites. Employees at Nalashaa work as dedicated teams with our clients and each employee understands the client’s vision as much as Nalashaa’s.

The underlying principle, in how we work with both our employees and clients, is Transparency.

This is really the foundation for all the values that we put together at Nalashaa. Transparency brings forth trust, mutual respect and integrity. Across levels, we are conscious about exercising and enforcing this behavior in all aspects of our work.

As we grew from a 4-member team to 150, one of the challenges we faced was to get all employees on a common culture platform. During lateral hires, we have had people from different work cultures who joined us, and it was challenging for some to fit in. Some fit, and some others didn’t. As a policy, Business HR and the reporting manager work closely with new employees to look for early signs of disengagement, if any and address them. We have a tailor made induction program for all incoming employees, brand ambassadors who help them get a feel of Nalashaa, and coffee sessions with the India head, all to drive towards a singular aim – a smooth employee induction into the Nalashaa culture.

Quality of work delivered is what every client applauds Nalashaa for, and we have put together communication forums and employee impact programs with all available skill sets and information to drive stellar performance from our employees. This not only helps our employees deliver the best quality, but also brings in learning, satisfaction and an inherent enjoyment for their work at Nalashaa.

Nalashaa’s Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted in the month of January 2015 rated the Culture at the very top. Employees saw flexibility in the way they could work, they were able to express their ideas freely and loved the fun element that is interweaved into their work every day at Nalashaa.

Quoting Stan Slap,

You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside!

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We are a few and we make up the HR team at Nalashaa. Each of us bring some fun and cheer along with our call of duty.

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