On Women’s Day

It was a Happy Women’s day at Nalashaa!!

Here is a picture of all the beautiful women of Nalashaa that was taken as part of the recent International Women’s Day celebrations.

Women's Day

Nalashaa is proud to say, we have 28% of our employee strength as women and we have women working with us across the spectrum; single, married, with kids. In my 12 years of experience in the IT industry, I have worked with managers who have sent me their job requirements and specified MALE ONLY.

The specifications kept changing often; NO to unmarried women because they will need a month off to get married, NO to married women without kids because they would take a long maternity break and No to married women with young kids because they would need leave to take care of their child.

At Nalashaa too, I get a specification – to hire the best. We don’t care if it is a male or a female that fits the role. At this point, a special shout out to all the managers at Nalashaa who make the workplace so inclusive.

We ensure that we provide a good support system to all the powerful women who join Nalashaa. We have flexible timings at work that enables women employees to play their part at home before getting to work or after. Women are given extended leave along with their maternity leave. Nalashaa provides health check-up specifically designed for women.

And, on any day, we welcome employees to bring their kids to work on days when they have no help at home. The kids get to play with colors, clay or just doze off on one of our bean bags while their mommies are in a meeting.

However clichéd it may sound, women do bring about stability, power of multitasking and a different perspective to their teams.

Quoting Margaret Thatcher

 “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

She definitely got the one on women right!

More on the women only group @ Nalashaa, Stree in my next blog.


–          Gayathri

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We are a few and we make up the HR team at Nalashaa. Each of us bring some fun and cheer along with our call of duty.

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