How I see Nalashaa

I am the Rajinikanth of Nalashaa, Ravikant Sharma, known mostly for my impromptu dance steps and songs; I also head the recruitment function. I joined Nalashaa when we were a startup and from then till date, it’s been an amazing story!

What I like the most is the camaraderie that exists with the leadership team; we all breathe the word transparency  and this makes life at Nalashaa so very simple!

Last year the growth story has been phenomenal with about 120 new employees joining us. This year too, the story is as exciting and we shall come back with more numbers.

Read on to know about how we find the superstars and what they find with us.

Walking into Nalashaa

An interview may last just an hour or there might be a few rounds of such interviews, but over the years, we have realized that an interview is only a perception, depending on a range of factors which might vary as per situation. We as a team work towards thinking on our feet at all times, and this process we have put together, ensures every person we hire fits the culture and ethos of the organization.

It’s not about syntax; it’s about common sense and a passion quotient!

Fusing in with Nalashaa

The culture at Nalashaa is what we suggest you come on board and experience at its very best, but for starters, we can give you a peek at how things work around here.

In the last employee satisfaction survey that we rolled out, ‘Culture’ scored the highest at 98%.

Amidst a game of badminton or carom, discussions over coffee on books or the logic behind a movie, milestone parties, baby showers, yoga classes and jamming sessions, We get a lot of work done.

You can choose to come in late & stay late;

Walk up to the VP’s office & talk about a great idea;

Work with the HR team & automate employee processes;

Bring in clients & get paid for it

Basically we do anything we want because This is our Company!

We choose to juggle many agendas, all in all ensuring that being a part of Nalashaa is always fun and rewarding. Many of our reward programs are driven by peer nomination and peer voting. Our Brand Ambassadors put the policies together and run the various forums (fun and technical). So, we are pretty much by the people and for the people!

Transparency is what we live by.

Growing with Nalashaa – Learn, learn more, and learn some more

And how do we learn?
Hackathons, nascent technology training sessions, on the job training, challenging goals, or in-house projects, be rest assured there is no time when you are not learning! We support employee certification programs some of which we run through the year, and others which we sponsor.

And if you think our training’s are restricted to technology… oh, you are so wrong!

We have fun clubs which organize coaching sessions for badminton, carrom and yoga presently. And if that doesn’t catch your fancy, and you want to indulge in a new recreational activity, or even better, coach some colleagues, you can count many hands will go up for that too!

So that’s how serious we are about learning!
Reaping benefits from Nalashaa
Employees are our biggest strength. We understand. We appreciate
We have put together a rather comprehensive salary structure and extend maximum opportunities for you to save on your annual tax. Pension benefit and gratuity is company sponsored for all permanent employees.

We have invested in a sensible medical insurance plan for all permanent employees. As part of the wellness program, we collaborate and help in the implementation of a yearly health check-up for our employees. A medical practitioner visits the office premises for employee consultation.

We understand the constraints of travel and hence, provide work from home options to employees where ever possible.

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We are a few and we make up the HR team at Nalashaa. Each of us bring some fun and cheer along with our call of duty.

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